We’ve been busy…

My mom’s backyard wedding!

Sorry, readers. I apologize for my absence this week. But I have had a couple other things going on…. like my mom getting married! In our own backyard! Needless to say, I have been busy. More on the wedding later.

I have missed my blog, and so I come back to it this morning with a short story and a sweet sentiment:

When Eli’s dad and I were dating, we celebrated a Valentine’s day where we both forgot to get a card for the other. Realizing this, I joked with him about what my card would have said, had I written one. In a slightly (okay maybe more than slightly) sarcastic tone, I said, “Every moment with you is magical”. With a cheesy sigh and a batting of the eyelashes, it became an instant go-to response for us. We would use completely unromantic, ironic moments to whisper to the other, “every moment with you is magical”.

Then our son was born.

And truly, ever so truly, every moment with Eli is magical. There is this sense in the air, nearly tangible, of something so much more special, important, and uniquely wonderful with Eli around. It goes back to what I’ve said before, about all the time spent with my baby daddy leading and preparing us, unknowingly, towards being parents together. I didn’t know when I said it that Valentine’s day what that phrase would really come to mean to me.

So to you, dear son, my darling boy, I want you to know….

Every moment with you is magical.



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