I’m Not Ignoring You, I Just Need Space



Hey Blog, I miss you.

But to be perfectly honest: being perfectly honest is exhausting. That last post (wayyyyyy back in October, I know) drained me, emotionally.  I want to keep sharing. I’ve been getting feedback from readers recently (I’m totally just pretending to be nonchalant about the fact that I have reader[s]), and I know my absence has gone noticed.

I just wanted to say: Blog, I’m not done with you yet. You weren’t a phase. It’s not you, it’s me. I need to spend some time living my life, not writing about it.

I am not necessarily a private person, but some of the stories I have (and want, and need) to share come from a place that I’m not ready to visit regularly.

The good news, I finally have time for you, blog, because Baby Daddy is home from deployment. This is sure to drum up a lot of new content as we work through co-parenting. Spoiler alert: It’s been really great. Eli is thriving. That’s really all I care about. The rest is just icing and cherries.

Thanks for the space,

Happy Holidays!



Festive Eli


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