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Today. The 4th. Yay America!

But to me now, the 4th will always be the day my son was going to be born.

I loved telling people my due date was the fourth of July when they asked. I got a lot of interesting responses.. “that’s one patriotic baby”, “that baby will come into this world with a boom”, or “every year his birthday will be a celebration!” For me though, I hoped for the 4th because everyone in my family is born on a holiday. I was born on mother’s day, my mom was born on April fool’s, my dad was born on labor day. We have an aunt born on Halloween, my grandpa was born on Valentine’s day. Even one of the family pets had holiday birthday.

Plus, if he was born on the 4th of July we could totally lie to him for a few years and say the fireworks and celebration was for him.

And then he was born on the 11th. A full week late.

I had mentally prepared to for the 4th. That was the day. I tried so hard to go into labor that day. I did all the tricks (they don’t work). Just read the comment that I posted in June:


It’s like I knew. (And he did sleep through the night sooner!)

And then the status I posted in July:


The next comment on there is from my sister saying that hashtag is how this whole thing started… Funny, sister.

My son was a week late, and I’m so happy he was. That was the right time for him and the right time for me. Now, if he had been early he probably wouldn’t have almost broken my pelvis and required an emergency c-setion, but I am so glad for exactly how and when Eli entered the world.

Even if you end up going to 42 weeks, I promise you, in the end looking back, you won’t mind a bit =)


What you should know about due dates:

5%….. thats right, 5 not 15, not 25, 5 percent of women deliver on their due dates. 1 in 20.

It should really be more of a due month, not date. You are considered “on time” if you pop within two weeks  in either direction of your due date. Anytime between 38 weeks to 42 weeks pregnant. Which let me tell you, is so misleading. Because every woman is disappointed when her due date comes and goes, and she’s still pregnant. My advice? Have your mental expectation set at 42 weeks, then anything sooner than that will feel “early”.  If you are pregnant, you are told pregnancy is supposed to be 40 weeks. It’s not. 

(Quick rant: I had a baby bump app on my phone, and it didn’t have anything for weeks 41 and 42. Which I took personally. How dare they stop coming up with facts and info and advice for me just because I should’ve popped last week. It contributed to the feeling like I was not ever going to pop, because I had missed my due date and that must mean I’m unpoppable. Not cool, baby bump app.)

Due dates are not always accurate. It’s getting better, as technology improves. Still, some due dates are not entirely correct. It depends on a few factors, too. Your health, your baby’s health. Family history can play a roll. Mostly though, not every woman knows when the first day of her last menstrual period was, and that’s technically when pregnancy begins. (Not when the egg is fertilized. Sorry to get graphic.)

Those are the facts….

…..And here are some pictures. This is last year on the 4th of July. This is what 40 weeks pregnant looks like.

preggo pics 016

The picture on my due date that I like to show people. (Thank you creative shadowing.)

preggo pics 017

The picture that actually shows how huge I was on my due date.


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