What I Never Leave the House Without

This is the WubbaNub. The wub, the wubba, the wubby. It’s just a pacifier with a plush toy attached to it and it makes everything so much easier. It should just be called a lifesaver.


I received two WubbaNubs as gifts while pregnant, and I didn’t understand their value until months later. I thought it was this silly, cutesy baby toy. I had no idea a WubbaNub had so much practical use. Because of the stuffed animal attached to the end of the pacifier, we never lose it.


It’s easier for Eli to handle. Before he could even move himself around much, he could find the WubbaNub in his crib at night. I have never had to go to his room in the middle of the night and blindly search in the dark for his pacifier. He can do it himself. (Bonus, he learned self-soothing sooner.) Also, I have never had to frantically run to the store and buy another pack of them, because they don’t get dropped and if they do they don’t roll or bounce like the plain pacifiers.



It may mean Eli always has either  a giraffe or a puppy dangling out of his mouth, but it makes life so much easier for me. Like when I’m driving, and he is fussing, and he can grab the Wub and put it in himself. It’s incredible. I recommend one to every soon-to-be parent I see, and any stranger who comments on it. If you have a baby, know someone having a baby, or know someone who might have a baby, get one. They are about $13 and you can get them online or at a few different stores–the WubbaNub website can help you find where to find a retailer carrying them near you.

Seriously. It’s so simple and so genius. The WubbaNub is like a life hack, but for babies. A baby hack.  The best baby hack.

*Double bonus: this pacifier is a much safer alternative to the dangerous—and not AAP recommended—pacifier clip. It achieves the same purpose without posing a strangulation risk.