A Year Later…


Eli is so OLD! He’s almost THREE! I have been a mom for so long now. I think back to pregnancy, which began in 2012. 2012?! It doesn’t seem like I have been Mommy for that long. But at the same time, I can’t really remember what it was like before either. They always say it flies by—and except for the weird time-freeze vortex when he’s throwing a tantrum in the toy aisle at Target— the time really does go fast.

He has all his teeth, he does puzzles by himself, he even tells me when the light turns green when I’m driving.  We celebrate every milestone… and then some. Like the day he asked to eat a baby carrot, that was huge in our house. Eli won’t even touch any food that feels wet, let alone eat it. It was like he took first steps again, I was so excited. HE ATE AN ACTUAL VEGETABLE!

There are so many days where I am so impressed by him, and I have to remind myself that I’m his mom and I get to take some of the credit for how amazing he is. For my first try with the whole parenting/raising another human thing, it’s gone surprisingly smooth. I feel very lucky.

For those of you who are Facebook friends…. you know I have some other big news from the last year. I met someone. And I feel very lucky for another reason, because this someone and I are getting married.

Blog, meet Rachel.


Rachel and I met last March, right around the last time I posted on Steph You Should Know. If you’re keeping score, it’s totally because I met her that I haven’t been posting. It’s also because of her that I am posting again now. A month ago I asked her to marry me, and after how many times we have been asked “so… who is wearing the suit?”, it just felt natural to take to the internet to discuss and expound on our relationship. We are bisexual. Both of us. While I feel my sexuality is a relatively private detail, it raises a lot of questions when I say I have a fiancé who is female and a two year old son. I would like to address and answer those questions.

There is some stigma surrounding the B in LGBT, and not many know what bisexual means. Honestly, Rachel and I are very new to the scene, so we are not experts on it either (and not claiming to be experts). All I know is how I feel for her when I see her face, and how full and warm my heart is when I see how much she loves Eli.

She is the partner I did not know I would find, and she came along when I wasn’t looking for her. I am so surprised and amazed by her and how gracefully she has entered my chaotic life. My life now features a rollicking toddler and an inspirational, supportive partner. The stories I share here will be the Steph You Should Know— the struggles, joys, and funny anecdotes of parenthood, partnership, toddler-rearing and wedding planning— all wrapped in one package.


And let me say it now: thank you all for your support. You have no idea how much it truly means to us.



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  1. <3 <3 <3 I'm so excited that the world gets to experience your writing again. I'm so lucky and #blessed (lol). Love you eternally!

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